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We help employers and employees build and secure retirement income


Your employer has paid for this. Do you want to maximize the value of your compensation and benefits by making smart money decisions? The first rule for creating wealth is “Don’t turn down free money.” Enroll now!

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Attract and retain top employees. Reduce the cost of employee turnover and lost productivity. Do well by doing good. Reduce your own taxes and secure your own exit. Combine an effective Employee Financial Wellness Program with a Qualified Retirement Plan better than that of many Fortune 500 companies. We estimate an average 5/1 ROI (Return On Investment).

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Who We Are

Plan And Act Pension Advisors is an independent fiduciary consultant, fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm. Our mission is to do for FEE-ONLY financial planning and fiduciary investment advice what Henry Ford did for the transportation industry. We want to be the source of Financial Independence and Peace of Mind for anyone with the desire to improve their financial condition. We desire to be your team of trustworthy Financial Guides who support you in Mastering the Game of Money. We offer a science based, free market, fee-only solution to the retirement crisis without selling products or requiring minimum investable assets. In the new, fiduciary age of robo-advisors, creating wealth is 80% psychology and 20% science/strategy.


Science has transformed every aspect of life—including investing. 

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The right financial advisor plays a vital role in keeping investors focused on what really matters.

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The four most important aspects of your retirement plan: market volatility, income longevity, tax deferred vs. tax free, fees. 

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Our philosophy

We strongly believe that financial success is not rocket science. With simple steps everyone can make significant progress and achieve what they desire. 

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Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst

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Director of Technology

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Team Advisor

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Team Advisor

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